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In the good old days, a Christian church was sacred. A place of holiness, where the world and the enemy were not allowed in. Churches were consecrated. Consecrated is defined as "to make or declare sacred; set apart or dedicate to the service of a deity: to consecrate a new church building." Christian saints spent their years in hard work building cathedrals, amazing houses of God. Some dedicated their lives to this work. People wanted strict and conservative Biblical Christianity. Now a days, a vast majority are setting up modern warehouses that are a tough stretch to call a "church", consisting of many people who do not even have enough respect of God to act and appear respectable.

The "come as you are" attitude, and the "progress Christianity to be culturally appealing" is self-destruction souls and destroying the respect and admiration people used to have when they knew they were entering a house of God. Teaching people to "come as you are" should mean: bring your sins in truth and honesty, so that you can repent and learn to become a saved Christian. Now a days, people take it as a proclamation that they don't need to change their life, ways and choices in order to have a relationship with Jesus. They say: Jesus loves everybody, just as they are. This is a soul-threatening dangerous teaching with one foot on truth, and on foot on lies.

Church coffee houses, game rooms, basketball courts and even skate parks? Is this what God wants? Does this add to, or take away from the admiration and respect people are suppose to have when entering a house of God? Do people have more respect for a house of God when they think of it as a place to play games, hang out with friends and get coffee? Some say: "we need to make it interesting for them to want to come". Is it the work or will of God that people have to be bribed / lured to get them to come to church? God wants people to be drawn to him. Is someone being drawn to him if they will only go to a church if they are going to have fun?

Churches used to rebuke evil, and did not want it entering into their sacred ground. Now a days, many "churches" are inviting the world right in through wireless internet WiFi spots. Let me tell you, the devil loves church wireless! Some wicked people actually get a thrill from partaking in evil while in a "church", and what an easier way than through pulling up garbage on the internet. And some wireless broadcasts are strong enough for people to access while sitting in their cars outside.

We once went to a huge warehouse church on Easter Sunday. They had a cafe, and even a music store. It was our first (and only) time there, and I truly learned then that God and the devil can both enter into a so called "church".

This article is not saying that all modern warehouse churches are going in the wrong direction, but rather it's a call to question church sanctity and what's the actual purpose of having a church and getting people to go to them? It's a call to question whether or not these modern approaches are actually teaching people respect or disrespect of what is suppose to be a house of God. Is a church a house of God or is it an entertainment warehouse?

How about an old Cathedral, with classic traditional hymn book singing and an organ. How about a group of people who are strict, conservative and Biblical. How about a group of Christians who know that God is separate from the world, and therefore their church should be separate. How about a group of Christians who know the difference between the true scriptures (Textus Receptus / king James version) and the new age ones...

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