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// PRAYER 509: Christian Prayer For Protection From Neighbors* 59K+ ↓↓   ↓

(This prayer will only work for a Christian. We suggest that you Print this prayer first, then use it and pray outloud in an area of a home, place, as needed. Repeat as necessary, and ignore all interfering, fearful or contradicting thoughts.)

Dear Jesus,
I ask for you to consider me at this time.
You know the problems with the people who live near us.
You know the whole situation.
I'm reminded of the scriptures:
"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies" (Psalm 23:5).
How true this feels.
Dear Jesus,
please help me!
The enemy keeps trying to strike me with fear about these people.
The enemy keeps trying to come around and spit out lies to make me afraid.
Lord Jesus!
I'm a Christian!
I'm an adopted child of yours,
so please intervene!

Position guardian angels around our living place and stand guard between us and them.
Let thy Holy Ghost be guarding us day and night spiritually from whatever they are doing in their own area.
No matter what we hear or see, protect us!

Please God,
destroy any bondage, strong holds or spirit of fear trying to be built up between us and them: break it in Jesus powerful name.
I pray the Holy blood of Jesus Christ between us and them. I pray for God almighty to intervene and cause resolution.
I proclaim that this place belongs to Jesus Christ [YESHUA] the Biblical Messiah!
I proclaim that I'm a Christian who will be kept safe in Jesus!

Help me to remember that you are the Almighty God,
and you are more than capable in keeping us safe spiritually and physically.
Strengthen me,
that every time they come up in my mind I can stand strong in your name against all lies, anxieties and fears,
and quickly forget about the situation, knowing it's in your hands.
Wipe these people off of my mind please Jesus,
so that I may have the peace in this situation that I know you want me to have.
I choose to have faith, not fear.
I choose to have faith that you will do these things for me,
help me be patient with your works.

In Jesus Christ name I pray,

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