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People with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) sometimes need some extra support against the chemicals in the air. The blue "dentist" style masks you get at the drug section of the grocery store don't work properly, because they are too flimsy / weak, and they usually come saturated in the chemicals throughout the air of the store purchased in. The heavier masks, such as the white color workman masks found at construction stores are meant to keep out dust. They don't let enough air in, and they are usually saturated in a production chemical that gets it's taste in your lungs. So what works then?

In our opinion, the best choice is masks by "I Can Breathe". (website: icanbreathe.com). Their special pollution reducing mask comes with a replaceable activated carbon filter. It's not perfect against all of the toxic perfumes and chemicals, but it's incredibly effective!

We suggest that people purchase the white mask, because when others in public (like in stores) see someone wearing it, they know right away it's a mask. The tan / skin colored mask can cause people to stare, wondering what's up with the face.

When you get the mask, wash (in non toxic / fragrance free soap) the mask to remove the initial production odors. Repeat as needed. Yes production odors actually wash out leaving the mask usable! *Do not wash the filter.

Install your filter, and put your mask into a non-toxic plastic baggie and into your pocket or something. When you need it, you have the option of using it!

When you come home, remove the filter and wash out the mask itself, then hang it up to dry. Filters need to be monitored, because they trap chemicals. You need to determine when you need to replace it. Purchase extra filters with your initial mask order.

*Remember, it's up to you to determine how the mask is working, and whether or not you are getting enough air. In worse case situations, your best opinion is to get out of there. Read important disclaimer below.

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