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Simply visiting a particular store can load someone up with chemicals and fragrances. Or perhaps you get into an elevator with a woman, her perfume fills the whole box, and it jumps on you and affixes itself. Or you touch a door knob, and you now have the cologne on you from the guy who touched it 3 hours ago! The best external detox for a person with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) is to go home and take a full shower and change into clean clothes. But if you don't have that option, here is a quick mini-detox system that can help.

Hopefully you have access to chemical / fragrance free soap. A person with MCS issues should always have a small container with their own soap available in their car or purse. Also, keeping a jug of clean water, and a change of shirt is a excellent idea. ***WARNING! If you decide to use a unknown soap, like in a public bathroom or something - be extremely cautious as to whether or not you are going to be able to tolerate it. Consider putting some onto a paper towel and sniff testing it first. Some soaps are so toxic that you couldn't get the fragrance off your hands for hours if you tried. That could be a disaster.***

Step 1 - Wash hands with soap.
Step 1 B - Rinse and repeat step 1 several times (if needed to remove chemicals / fragrances).
Step 2 - Use soap and your finger nails to get cleaning underneath each other finger nail.
Step 3 - Make sure hands are all cleaned of soap residue, sniff test to make sure chemicals / fragrances are removed as much as possible. If hands still smell like some ones perfume for example, then repeat steps 1 - 2 again.
Step 4 - With water running, wet each pinky finger, and put them into each nostril carefully, and clean around / scrub out with water. (Do this very gently as not to cut / scrape inside with your nail). Rinse the fingers and repeat. This process removes chemicals / fragrances that have been trapped inside the nose and nose hair.
Step 5 - With hands as clean as possible, grab some running water and scrub face. Over and over again, scrubbing off chemicals / fragrances with the water. Specifically pay attention to above the upper lip, underneath the nostrils.
Step 6 - Rinse hands (even consider washing them with soap again) and repeat step 5 face washing.
Step 7 - Swish clean water around in mouth a couple of times. Do not swallow the water, spit it out! It will contain chemicals / fragrances that got trapped in your mouth from breathing contaminated air. If you don't have a cup available, cup your hands together if they are clean enough, and get some water that way.

If soap is NOT an option, you can still scrub your hands with running water over and over again. Keep repeating until as much chemicals / fragrances are removed as possible, and try to wash out underneath the nails as well. Water may be able to remove enough chemicals / fragrances to allow steps 4 - 6, but take major caution as your hands may still have germs and other content on them!

For someone with MCS, this mini-detox may be able to help them quite a bit. This may seem like a lot of steps, but it can actually be done within just a couple minutes or less. In fact, a person who has stored in their car: a chemical / fragrance free travel soap, and a gallon jug filled with water, can actually do this on the side of the road (in a safe place). *Read important disclaimer below.

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