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// PRAYER 519: Being Alone Is Better Than Being Bound In A Godless Marriage* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
you know how much I want to be married.
You know how much my heart desires to know the depth of love that can be between a man and a woman.
You know how much I want to take part in your natural,
God created plan of the sacred bond between a man and a woman.

But I know that there are guidelines and laws that you have established.
I know deep in my heart that I must marry in truth,
that my selected spouse must also be in you Jesus.
My spouse must know you and serve you with all of their heart and soul.
They must desire the same as me,
to have a sacred marriage that is blessed and sanctified in your eyes.
They must want the same type of Christian union that you have put into my heart.
It is hard to be alone.
It is down right tormenting at times.
But being alone is better than being involved in a godless marriage.
Being alone is better than being bound to a godless person.
Being alone is better than trying to live around wickedness.
Being alone is better than being trapped in a form of hell on earth.
Being tormented because of loneliness is better than being tormented by an evil spouse.
I'm not the savior, I cannot save them.
Therefore, strengthen me Lord Jesus, to await a Godly marriage.
Strengthen me to await a union with someone who is already part of your Kingdom.

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