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// PRAYER 520: Dear Jesus, Do They Need To Leave That Church?* 2K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
so many places that are suppose to be yours have gone astray.
So many so called "churches" have turned onto a false path.
Many have been sewing seeds of lies and destruction,
even while using your Holy name.
I know that many of these people involved are making choices to stay at such places.
They are making the willful decision to follow away from you.
But please continue to deliver your chosen from such places,
and keep them from taking part.
If they are yours,
please consider granting them the sacred gift of discernment,
and the required scriptures to recognize what churches are acceptable and what ones are not.
Help Christians to realize that if their church has gone astray,
perhaps they should just leave instead of trying to figure out how to save it.
Dear Jesus,
these end times are so confusing.
Please guide your chosen through the constant puzzle of trials and tribulations,
to find your Holy finish.
Thank you for all you have done,

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october 31. [halloween]

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