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// PRAYER 527: Prayer For Protection From Sub Woofers Vibes / Evil Music* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
please consider my prayer to you today.
I have been harassed and sometimes even tormented by the wicked vibes of sub woofers.
The enemy must think he created something so successful to cause God's people to have to feel the wickedness from so far away.
Well I renounce (reject) the wickedness!
Holy Ghost and Holy angels of Heaven,
in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord,
please stand guard around me and around my home,
keeping me safe from the vibes and wickedness.
Even when I can hear it,
even when I can feel it,
even when I can see it,
let it not touch me.
Do not let the spiritual wickedness enter my home or my ears.
Guard over me with your Power dear Jesus,
and let me know I'm protected!
Please, somehow, someday put to shame the people who are allowing the enemy to use them to create this!
In Jesus name I pray and thank you,

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