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// PRAYER 529: Help Your People To Trust In You Jesus* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
I ask for your consideration today.
So many who believe in you are facing so many fears,
anxieties and nervous concerns.
The enemy is a liar and a tormentor,
who is daily trying to mess with our heads through people, things and situations.
Your sacred and Holy word tell us to trust in you,
and to not allow fear to take over.
As the scripture says,
we have not been given a spirit of fear.
Dear Jesus,
please consider your people today.
Please continue to strengthen them to trust in you.
Please continue to grant them the courage and strength to make the choice that because they are a Christian:
they will stand strong through all of these trials and tribulations, in the Name and Power of Jesus Christ!

Strengthen them with the will power to trust you to help them overcome all that they are facing.
Please continue to grant requests, healing and protection daily.
Thank you for all you have done!

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