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Those who know the [3rd Command- ment] of GOD as "do not blasphemy", it means to them: do not use GOD's name as a swear word, or mixing it with profane words.

The worst form of blasphemy is to use the sacred, Holy name of Jesus Christ in this manner. It far exceeds using simply the name title "God" as blasphemy, because "Jesus Christ" is the name of God.

#TRUTH --> GOD's 3rd Command is actually much more sensitive and strict, and many (even some Christians) are breaking it daily...

"Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain." (Exodus 20:7 KJV).

The word used by GOD is "vain". We are taught ((with severe threat)) by GOD not to use his name in "vain", which is defined as "devoid of real value, idle, unprofitable - without real significance, value or importance..."

How often when someone says "OMG!"...

...are they praying and taking something to GOD: "Oh my God, please deal with this for us"? How often do they actually mean a {significant} proclamation about the Lord GOD intervening? (OR?) How many times [OMG] is a response that is "without real significance", "devoid of real value", "idle", etc...? Meaning: how many times are they using the name of GOD IN VAIN?

[Addiction to Blasphemy?]

There are some, even those who would call themselves "Christian" that are addicted to saying "Oh my God" and "Oh my God, this and that" to just about ((everything.)) Their addiction to saying it is getting worse and worse, and so is our society in result. Not only is it wrong, but annoy- ing and offensive to us. Ask why is an addiction happening? "That's end times" the man says.

Every single "OMG" without reverent respect of GOD, is making GOD ANGRY.

After a person says OMG! #vain: 100's, 1000's, 10,000's of times, what will happen when they make a call to God for desperate help? Some day they will have to, believe it or not.

Oh My Gosh, Oh My Word!

Did you know the word "Gosh" is defined as: "euphemistic alteration of the name "God"." Did you know that"oh my word" is still OMG because it is replacing "GOD" with John 1:14, in which the Holy Lord JESUS is called the "WORD" of God made flesh. #TRUTH. #LIBERATE.

Do you say OMG or OMGosh or OH MY WORD? Are you using this with reverent respect of the Holy GOD? Are you praying? Are you asking GOD for help? Does someone in your family use the name of GOD in [VAIN]? Do your friends? *Consider helping us get this ((#CONVO)) going, as it is more important than most people know. You may want to talk to them about the problem, or perhaps send /or #share a #link to this article (truth 544), for we know it is {effective.}

God has threatened that he will not hold someone guiltless that uses his name in vain.

DID YOU KNOW: Many Jewish people are so fearful and concerned about the use of GOD's name that when they need to mention the sacred titles, they simply write and type (("G-d" or "L-rd")).... These people are |remnant| of the |families| that once saw God take brutal vengeance on Sodom and Gommorrah, Egypt, and themselves in the wilderness. They know his wrath against sinners, and they know his 3rd Commandment. They aren't arrogant like many who call themselves "Christians", while thinking that they can break God's laws because of Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross.

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