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// PRAYER 548: Christian Prayer For The Punishment Of Evil* 8K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
over and over again in your word you proclaimed and promised that you would wrath on the enemy and on those who do evil things.
The Old Testament documents your wrath against evil,
and the New Testament contains your commitments to do so again.
Your people are suffering.
They are crying out to you to intervene in their lives.
Please hear their cries and prayers, and help.
I know that you are still active,
and your wrath against evil is evident.
But the good and righteous are constantly being attacked by the wicked who is treading down everything good and decent in their path.
They manifest evil,
and they prosper their evil ways.
In agreement with every Christian who is praying for your intervention...
In agreement with every promise that you made to intervene and smite the evil,
I pray to you...

Please continue to destroy plots of the enemy.
Please continue to stop attacks and make them unsuccessful.
Please continue to punish the wicked.
Please continue to take away their options and take away their abilities and resources to do wickedly.
Please continue to help your people somehow every single day and night.
Please continue to protect and deliver Christians from harm.
Please continue to help the innocent children who need you.
Please continue to provide resources to your people so that they can continue to preach the truth and live life as you have planned for your Christians.
And please return to us Jesus.

I know you are waiting for those who have not yet repented.
But please come back soon,
and strengthen us until you do.
I know that every single promise you have made in your scriptures has either come to pass as the truth, or will soon.
Thank you for all you have done,

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october 31. [halloween]

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