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// PRAYER 553: Dear God, When Will You Destroy Evil Places That Call Themselves A Church?* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Lord Jesus,
there are so many....
SO MANY places that call themselves a "church",
yet they are teaching and accepting what your word has labeled as damnable heresies.
They deceive people into thinking that they run a safe, Christian place....
But their place teaches anti-Christ doctrines of destruction.
Their effects on society and communities is manifesting.
your word speaks your promises of wrath against the evil doers.
You have spoken it throughout the Old and New Testament.
When will you destroy these churches that teach and do evil while claiming your name?
Let no one claim you do not wrath anymore,
for we are seeing it in these End Times!
We know your wrath.
We know your warnings.
Before you do,
please continue to save as many as possible from such places.
But in all things,
thy will be done!

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