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// PRAYER 554: Jesus, Please Deliver People From Halloween #halloween* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Lord Jesus,
this abomination they call "halloween" is so awful.
Everywhere people are manifesting the evil that is in their hearts and brains.
They have created an output for their wicked imaginations.
I know the grief that you feel about it.
I know the frustration that you feel about it.
I know the disgust that you feel about it.
Thank you for having rooted out evil and horror from myself and so many others,
and have replaced it with cleanliness and Holiness.
I know this is what happens when someone get's saved by you.
Yet, how can so many who call themselves "Christian" be partaking and accepting of halloween?
I pray that you continue to convict and save others,
that they might be able to have your righteousness in their hearts and their brains.
I pray that you contine to cause others to see the truth about the evil of halloween.
To overcome this world is a gift from you Jesus,
and we thank you for it! Amen.

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