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// PRAYER 557: Jesus, Help Me To Deal With Conflict Without Rage* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Lord Jesus,
help me to learn to deal with conflict.
Help me to understand how to recognize my own temper warning signs.
Help me to learn to keep my mouth shut,
until I know I can speak without regretting it.
Help me to know when to leave the room,
even if someone is yelling at me.
Help me to overcome rage.
Help me to learn to control my severe frustration.
Dear God,
please help to heal the wounds that my temper problems have caused in my relationships.
Please help me to have a loving care inside of my heart,
that I would no longer want to fight unrighteously with words,
even when I feel that I need to justify myself.
Help me learn to control myself,
and speak in truth.
Command me to learn to let absolutely NO profane words leave my mouth,
even when I'm very angry.
Thank you for any consideration in this issue.

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