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// PRAYER 558: Christian Prayer To Learn Conflict (Temper / Rage) Control* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear God,
there are so many times when I get really upset and loose my temper.
I feel like people are trying to manipulate me,
take advantage of me and harass me at times.
Sometimes I do not know how to deal with my emotional reactions to such things.
I know that there is such a thing as righteous anger depending on circumstances.
But I tend to dish out my anger in unrighteous ways.
I have hurt the people I love many times.
I need coping skills,
so that I can learn to leave the room and take time outs.
I need coping skills so that I can figure out how to handle conflict with others without loosing it.
So many times I find myself apologizing to those I love for being rude and mean.
Please help me to have the care,
compassion and want,
to become a better person.
A type of person who can control their temper.
A type of person who knows how to respond appropriately and righteously,
instead of inappropriately and unrighteously.
Please help me in this situation,
as I seek your guidance.
Please consider helping in healing the hurts I have caused in my relationships with my loved ones.
In Jesus Christ name I pray,

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