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// CHAOS WALK: A Christian Story About The Great Outdoors* 2K+ ↓↓   ↓

What a beautiful day.
A day that God Almighty has made!
The sun is so bright.
The sky is so clear.
My whole being seeks to enjoy.
As I head outside,
a feeling of peace is near.
"What a joyous day" I say!
The air so fresh and crisp.

As I head down the walk path,
the neighborhood seems so quiet and so calm.
The birds are singing as they fly past and land in the trees.
They join with my joy.
As I walk,
I praise God for this glorious day.

Suddenly without any warning,
my whole being gets struck with a shocking jolt.
"OH NO!",
I cry out in grief!
It's as if evil has just shown up,
and tried to grab hold of me.
In a freak out shriek I pray begging God:
"Help me Oh Lord!".
Fly away little birds,
run little squirrels!
People head into your houses!
Every home shut your windows!
The neighborhood has become toxic!
Whosoever has turned on their dryer,
and the fragrance perfumes of their laundry soap and dryer sheets have vented airborne into the neighborhood!

I struggle to pull my shirt up over my face to make a mask.
"It doesn't work, the fragrance is too strong",
I cry out in chaos torment.
My only choice is to run,
but when I run I need to breathe more!
"Oh God help me!",
I cry again trying to run with my shirt over my face without breathing.
"Which house is it?"
"How am I going to get away?"

It just goes on and on.
Everywhere I turn,
everywhere I run,
no matter how far,
their laundry exhaust has contaminated the air.
It's as if the sky had turned black.
This is not from God.
God did not create this.
Evil has taught the mad scientists,
and they have created destruction called "fragrance".

In my mind,
I remember the horror of what I have learned through research!
I remember the horror of the poisonous toxic chemicals they are using to create these synthetic smells!
I remember the horror of the man made neurotoxins that destroy health!
I remember the horror of the synthetic sex hormones that try to force peoples brains into having sexual pervert thinking.
I remember the horror of the fact that the government does not require safety testing or disclosure of so called "trade secret" fragrances!

"Who would cover their family in this?",
I struggled to question as I finally reached the end of the fragrance trail.
It's over.
It's finally done.
I reached the end of this war.
I'm in the clear.
All I have to do now is find another way to get back....
Trying to catch my breath and calm down,
I start breathing deeply.
Looking back,
I see nothing but a street,
sidewalk and houses...
"It's an invisible enemy",
I thought to myself.
I start walking straight ahead when suddenly....
A different home starts venting a different laundry fragrance formula.

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