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// PRAYER 571: Please God Help My Temper Issues* 7K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
my anger and rage issues are causing problems in my relationships.
I'm having a hard time controlling my temper, and remaining calm.
I get really upset when things aren't going my way,
and I get mad when I feel like people are dis-respecting me.
Please help me to be more cool headed,
especially with those who I love and those I care about.
My love for them is more important than having the last word or winning the argument!
Help me set aside my pride for the sake of the relationship(s).
I need your help and training to keep my big mouth shut.
I need to learn the warning signs,
and how to leave the room silently when I become angry.
help me to overcome all rage where I feel like yelling out hurtful things,
or when I feel like throwing things around the room.
Please God,
help me be a better person.
Thank you for all you have done,
I love you,

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