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// The Anti-Christ At The Christian Bookstore* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Sadly, there are apparently many Christians who believe that once they walk into their local "Christian Bookstore", that they have walked into a safe haven where everything is good and acceptable for Christians.

Most likely if it's a "Christian" based store, you can find some really wonderful things there produced by some wonderful people who really love Jesus Christ, their Lord. Biblical, safe, Christian content for you and your family. However...

Christians go in thinking they will find something to build their faith, and often they are offered blasphemous lies and faith attacking books sold as if spiritual guidance. Are you prepared to deal with this situation?

Christians go in thinking they will find something that will help them learn to get along with others, and often they are offered New age media that wants Christians to learn about other religions and religious functions. Are you prepared to deal with this situation?

Christian parents bring in their teenagers to find some safe Christian music, and often they are offered darkness from hell sold as "Contemporary Christian". Are you prepared to deal with this situation?

Horror novels and movies that supposedly have a "Christian" message encoded in them. Biographies of pornographers who turned "Christian", but want to share the stories of what they did before. Study guides showing how popular culture can be reached by customizing Christianity and Church into looking, sounding and acting like the same trash they are interested in. False translations full of lies and man manipulated text, claiming to be a "Bible". Wicked evil people spreading damnable heresies and yet claiming to be "Christian Preachers". This list could go on and on... Are you prepared to deal with this situation?

Most of the garbage that the world has, customized into something that can be sold to gullable Christians is available at your local Christian Bookstore. Christians need to start praying, and be very cautious as to what they accept as "Christian", even if it's sold in a Christian store. Calling it "Christian" or "Made By A Christian" doesn't mean that it's guaranteed to be good and safe. Pray to Jesus for guidance, wisdom, discernment. And be an overly cautious Christian. Didn't Jesus Christ warn us over and over again not to be deceived by people who will try to destroy us? Be strong, and guard yourself. Don't let them deceive you into being a pushover! We are Christians, we are not pushovers!

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