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// PRAYER 584: Christian Prayer About End Times* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Lord Jesus,
please hear my prayer to you today.
There is so much talk about the end times, the last days.
So many people,
even people who do not accept the Bible claim the end is coming.
Help me to not be afraid of these things I hear.
Help me to not be afraid of the tribulations and other problems that are happening in the world.
Help me to remember that all I really need to know,
is that you are the truth Jesus,
and you will keep your word.
I know this, because you have proven yourself for nearly 2,000 years with signs, wonders, healings, miracles, fulfillment of your prophecies,
and the testimonies of countless Christians throughout the ages.
What I pray for,
let me be worthy of you when you return,
whenever that time comes.
Let me be received instantly into your hands when you call your people.
Let me be granted the gift of entering into the place you have prepared for your Christian Apostles.
Please make me worthy.
Thank you for all you have done,

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