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Let's say there is this person in your life. (Don't think about anyone specific, yet). This person is suppose to be the most important person in your life, the most important person you know. You are suppose to love them with all your heart and soul. You have even taken on their name and added it to yourself. They have loved and helped you more than anyone else. They have done things for you that no one else could.

Now with this type of relationship established, how often in a day would you want to have contact with this person? Would you only call them on the phone once a day? Would you call them on the phone a couple of times a day? Would you get together and visit with them once a day for awhile? Or would you want this person hanging out with you all day long? Would you want to interact and talk to this person over and over throughout the day?

Now let's talk about Jesus Christ, the Almighty GOD.

How often do you pray throughout a day? How many times do you contact Jesus Christ? How often do you talk to Jesus outloud, as you would a person who is in the room with you? Do you want Jesus Christ in the room with you?

Jesus Christ is real, and alive and living. Through his sacred Holy Ghost, you are able to have a living, breathing relationship with Jesus. Not just a relationship where you choose to have faith that Jesus is real, but rather, a relationship where you believe and know for a fact, because you know Jesus Christ personally. It starts with receiving true, Biblical Salvation.

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