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// Were All Sinners: A Timeless Retort* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Ministers often face this statement. Especially when trying to get someone to realize the difference between right and wrong. It's one of the most popular "retort" responses that people use to shut up Christians. It's a standard slogan in which they say: "Were all sinners" / "we are all sinners". If you are a Biblical Christian (trying to live according to God's laws in the Holy Bible), you should be prepared to handle this with a powerful, effective, to the point, Biblical Christian response...

"It's true that everyone makes sinful mistakes. But some are forgiven and trying hard to live without sin, while others are unforgiven, and continue to live in sin. The Holy Bible defines the difference between the two."

Say it kinda slow and intense. Stare them straight in the eyes as you say it. This truth will silence many, and they will not be able to reply.

Others will ask what you mean. If they do that, tell them they can find out if they read the Holy Bible. Tell them God has given his ways and laws and he demands that we follow them. Tell them that Jesus Christ saved you, and following God's Biblical laws has changed your life.

The more rebellious, will come up with some sort of rude blasphemous mockery, no matter what you say. These type have the wrath of God Almighty to look forward to dealing with. (John 3:36 / Mark 6:11).

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