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Negativity, conflict and complaints are basically all some people receive, and give these days. Some may go for a long, long time without hearing something good about what they are doing, and they may really deserve a compliment.

Wives, Mothers and Daughters, they do so much to run this world. Yet how often do they even get thanked for a meal they prepared, or for doing the dishes? Or housework, or a hard day at a job?

Husbands, Fathers and Sons, they do so much as well. How often do they get home and receive a "thank you for going to work today for us"?

Teachers get complaints from parents, and send complaints to parents. Rarely ever does a parent call up a teacher to tell them how much their child likes them and their class. Rarely ever does a parent tell a teacher they are having a positive influence on their childs life. Rarely ever does a teacher call up a parent to say: "Your daughter is a very wonderful student. She's a sweetheart." Or "You are raising a real gentleman of a son".

Managers receive complaints about employees. They have to deal with conflict and problems. Rarely ever does someone tell them that a specific employee they manage is doing a good job.

Christian Ministries / Ministers who are doing God's work left and right, often only receive messages from "new-agers" trying to accuse them of unrighteously judging others because they are trying to use God's truth to save them.

*We would like to encourage you today, to call, email, talk to people that you can think of, that could use a compliment. Tell them that you are grateful for what they are doing. Tell them whatever positive message you want. It will only take a moment, and make sure that it's a compliment you sincerely feel is worth giving.

...By the way, have you thanked GOD Almighty lately for all that he has done (known and unknown) in your life?

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