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I went into a "christian" bookstore to find a new copy of the king James version Holy Bible. There were all types available. Some looked like they were designed for a church. Some had camouflage covers, apparently appealing to hunters and soldiers. Some had tattoo type designs, appealing to delinquents. Some were pink, with girly designs. One was waterproof, others leather, the works... They are desperate to figure out how to make money off of the public domain Bible. How to cash in on God's word? But what I was looking for was a Bible that wasn't full of toxic off-gassing chemicals.

The nation of China (which tries to legally regulate Christian activities, and severely persecutes underground Christians) is the number one printer of Bibles sold here in America. Yes, money hungry sinful American corporations realized that they could spend less on printing costs (by not hiring Americans to do the work), and still make a maximum profit (by selling to Americans at top dollar despite spending less on production). And in China, apparently what ever type of toxic paper, inks, glues, leathers, bindings, fabric, materials to produce Bibles with is just fine. On top of that, my understanding is that these Bibles are then fumigated with toxic chemicals and pesticides for transfer over the seas on the ships.

Bible after Bible after Bible I "sniff tested". Each one seemed to have it's own unique poison chemical smell that was frying my nose and brain. (If you do not understand what I'm talking about, perhaps you personally use some sort of fragranced laundry, dryer sheet, soap, lotion, perfume, product that is even more toxic that the chemicals on these Bibles, so you would not be able to notice them. *This is a wake up call about your products: read chemical warfare.) Some call it "off-gassing", others call it "out-gassing". These bibles were absolutely loaded.

It's shameful and sinful for our Bibles to be printed in China, and in such toxic manners that they are making people sick. And I got sick after trying to find one that was less toxic.

If you have an old King James Holy Bible, HOLD ONTO IT, because finding one that is non-toxic will be difficult, especially if this true Bible gets banned legally because it offends sinners with truth.

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