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// PRAYER 607: I'm A Christian: I Believe The Holy Bible* 2K+ ↓↓   ↓

I'm a Christian.
I believe and accept the Holy Bible*.
I have found God,
and God has confirmed his word in the Holy Bible,
through signs and wonders.
The Holy Bible is also confirmed through countless miracles and testimonies of Christians through the ages.
I do not need any other book to learn about God.
I do not need any other "gospels".
I do not accept anything what-so-ever that claims to be of God and yet contradicts the Holy Bible.
I'm a Christian.
I will not be deceived!
I will not be pushed around by liars!
I'm a Christian,
and I believe the Holy Bible!

*Notes: We wanted to post this prayer about the Holy Bible. We love the Holy Bible. Sadly, we need to give a long detailed explanation of what we mean. When we say: "Holy Bible", we are talking about the Authorized King James Version, which as it says at the front: "Translated out of the original tongues". We use and recommend this Bible because it's English based on what is called the "Textus Receptus", the documents handed down from the original Christian church. The KJV has been used and trusted by countless people, our ancestors, and God's TRUE Christian Apostles / Preachers within these last days. So many Christians say they will not accept man changing God's word and giving false doctrines in it's place. THEN they go out and buy a so called translation such as "NIV", "MSG", etc... which are not Holy Bibles! They are man manipulations of the Public Domain KJV, in order to make money off of something they can copywrite as their own creation. These books are full of error and even damnable heresies. This is a wake up call. Consider getting yourself a real KJV Holy Bible before they are blackballed in these end times.

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