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This harassment is coming from non-christians and even from others who call themselves "christians", claiming that the Christmas tree decoration is somehow pagan.

Why are they claiming this?

If you do research on this, you will find all manner of mixed messages, mixed stories and mixed opinions, and a bunch of junk lies you do not need to read or know about. Many authors want to mess with your mind...

But the plain fact is that the non-christians are spreading this harrassment because they want Christmas to only be a “holiday” and want the truth of Christianity rooted out of it. The others, who claim to be “christians” and yet want to destroy Christmas traditions, is because they have some sort of problem that has lead them into a false anti-Christmas destructive mentality.

So let's cut through lies and get to the #truth 1.simple, then 2.detailed.

1. Simple: if you are decorating your home at Christmas time, with a Christmas tree, and it is only a traditional Christmas decoration, then you are doing nothing wrong, and your tree is not connected to paganism. You are continuing in an actual Christmas decoration tradition that goes back a long way.

In fact, if you read our very popular article about the Christmas tree decoration, you will learn that there are many, MANY ways that it is directly connected to Christianity and the celebration of Jesus Christ.

2. Detailed: If you look into the Holy Bible scriptures, "idols" are false religious items created by man, to represent false gods that man invented with their shameful imaginations. Statues, different images, etc... These items are used in false religious worship and functions.

Let's get INTELLIGENT about this. Not only did GOD ALMIGHTY design and create trees (they were not formed by man as a false idol) but the two uses of the tree are so different, so far apart, that they cannot be compared logically.

When a family sets up a Christmas tree into their home, they are setting up a display. They decorate it.... They light it up... They enjoy it.... Everything from the lights to the ornaments, to the star, to the angel, can all be heavily connected to Christianity. It is not a false idol, it is a Christmas decoration. It does not represent any false gods. It is not worshiped. It is not used in false religious functions. In fact, most likely there are not any people around that are actually stupid enough to be worshiping a tree anymore. But regardless of if someone is doing that, they are doing what they want to do, and Christians are doing what they want to do, and they are not doing the same things.

[How many] other types of [plants, trees, ferns, bush, vine, etc..] do people enjoy having in their home as a decoration to enjoy? Should they have to research and learn of all the ways these God created items were used by people throughout the ages, and be unable to have them in their home if someone else did something bad with them in the past? Of course not.

Men have also worshiped the Sun and the Moon - which God Almighty created. Will they say: "don't put up a picture of the moon or the sun in your home because that's what pagans worship..." Well the harassment is coming from people who want to destroy Christmas joy for others, so probably not.

[It's just like everything else, the world is trying to destroy the joy of Christmas so that we have nothing good anymore.]

Don’t let that happen!

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