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// Jesus Tells Us In Advance, So We Will BELIEVE: John 14* 2K+ ↓↓   ↓

Jesus Christ taught us so many things. He gave us detailed information about things that would happen to him (being arrested, being killed, coming back to life). He taught us that his Gospel of Truth would be preached to the whole world (as it is now). He told us step by step information about how things would go when people got saved, and baptized in the Holy Ghost (it's happened like that since he told us, and it's still happening today). He gave us detailed information about things that would happen in the end times last days (and they are happening now).

Think very hard about this fact: Jesus told us these things, and they were documented, some 2,000 years ago. He knows all, and sees all, throughout time and history. Now read:

"And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe." (- Jesus in John 14:29 KJV).

Everything he said has either come to pass (happened) as truth already, or will soon. Time and time again he has been proven. This is all real. The Bible is full of truth. Jesus Christ walked the Earth, and if you were to visit the Holy Land Jerusalem, they would be very glad to show you where, for they still know.

Therefore, since he told us so many things before they happened, that HAVE happened just like he said they would, and he says that he did this so that we would BELIEVE...... therefore we can and should trust in perfect, total faith that everything he has promised us is the truth and will come to pass as the truth. This should be comforting no matter what you are facing... if you have been saved! Amen!

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