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We care about people and their loved ones. We care about you. And we are asking you to please go fragrance free, and stop using fragrance products.

The battle against fragrances has little to no effective tools. There is a product called "Hard Seal" made by AFM Safecoat. We understand that this product was formulated by a doctor, to help people's health. This product blocks what is called "out gassing", "off gassing" or "emissions" of toxins into the air. It's meant to be painted onto walls, floors, and places that may be emitting chemicals or toxins such as formaldehyde from particle board products. The company has proven with scientific formaldehyde metering tools that three layers of their hard seal can block and stop almost all formaldehyde release.

And yet, independent testing has proven time and time again that three layers of hard seal can have little to no effect blocking perfumes, colognes and other fragrances from emitting / off gassing. In fact there are some fragrances, that no matter how many layers of hard seal you use, the emissions remain strong and act almost "untouched". This proves that perfumes, colognes and other fragrances are stronger, more powerful, more potent and more toxic than formaldehyde.

What's going on here? Mad scientists are creating toxic, poisonous chemicals, and infusing them into their petroleum based fragrances and other products. And day by day they are creating new and stronger fragrances, apparently to be more powerfully able to emit a stronger stink than all the rest. These mad scientists do not care about you or your families health, all they want is your money. And they use manipulative advertising campaigns to deceive you and your loved ones into thinking their product is safe, needed and cool. Sadly, most people haven't learned that the fragrance industry is basically self regulated, and by law they are not required to disclose their "trade secret" fragrance formula to consumers or the government.

"Fragrance secrecy is legal due to a giant loophole in the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973, which requires companies to list cosmetics ingredients on the product labels but explicitly exempts fragrance. By taking advantage of this loophole, the cosmetics industry has kept the public in the dark about the ingredients in fragrance, even those that present potential health risks or build up in people’s bodies. Ingredients not in a product’s hidden fragrance mixture must be listed on the label. As a result, manufacturers disclose some chemical constituents on ingredient lists but lump others together in the generic category of “fragrance.”" - Environmental Working Group.

The secret trade "fragrances" are not only found in perfume and cologne, but household cleaning products, laundry soap, pre treats, dryer sheets, lotion, room fresheners, diffusers, plug-ins, dish soap, bar soap, car freshener, and even in some foods. There are little to no products that can combat fragrance. Most products can do nothing but try to mask it with a stronger fragrance. There are some fragrances that are so strong that not even years of repeated cleaning and airing out can touch it.

We are asking you to have sympathy (not only on yourself but on others), and go fragrance free, and wash your clothes in fragrance free soaps and dryer sheets. If this makes you upset, and you have any feelings or attitudes about how you don't need to change, and your products don't bother you... We ask that you consider others who are not as strong and healthy, and cannot tolerate your products. Please have mercy and compassion on them. Thank you for your consideration in making the world a better, healthier place to live!

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