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Jesus Christ is real, alive and living.
He's not just a historical figure that you read about. He's not just a God that you must choose to believe in. In the book of Revelation, Jesus calls himself a Christians "first love".

Have you fallen in love with Jesus Christ? Did you know that the more you pray and seek Jesus, the more you can find him? The more you ask him to be active in your life, the more he will be. I assure you that there are Christians who are living life so filled with the Holy Ghost baptism, that it's like the Biblical book of Acts still today. Signs, wonders, miracles and protection is suppose to be following around the life of a saved Christian. Read the Holy Bible, it's there. So for those who are Christian and yet not experiencing such things... how close are they to Jesus? Is he their best friend that they interact with and talk to daily, or is he a God that they know of, but don't have a daily, personal relationship with?

It is more than possible for a Christian to love Jesus Christ so much, and have him in their life so close and real, that they fall in love with him. Even those good old "love chemicals" and endorphins of infatuation can release. Of course it's not the same thing as when a man falls in love with a woman or a woman with a man... When a human falls in love with God, it should be better.

Remember, this can happen for a woman and a man, because even though Jesus Christ was part man (when in the flesh on Earth) - he is God Almighty, and his relationship with his Christians is a marriage (the Bridegroom and his bride: the church). How? Because it's not a human to human marriage in the flesh, but rather a God to Human marriage in the spiritual realm, where no flesh sexuality is involved. Amen.

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