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Atheists and non-Christians are tormented by Jesus Christ in a manner similar to the possessed man of Gadarenes. The unclean spirit(s) both worshipped, and yet were tormented by Jesus, proclaiming that they had nothing to do with Him (Mark 5:6-7). Similarly, all non-Christians ask: "what have I to do with thee"? The possessed man proclaimed Jesus "the Son of the most High", a fact that atheists (and those of other religions) continue to deny. Ironically, all unbelievers do recognize the importance of Jesus while they are spending a great deal of time and energy denying it.

This time and effort in denial is actually an expression of the "torment" (struggle) that unbelievers feel, and this torment is directly related to denial of universal truth. The universe itself exists upon the truth of God Almighty, and it is the very foundation of the world. To deny then creates an inner rebellion against the very core of our being. It is an essential function to seek the essence of our creator and return to the source of life.

If the demonic realm recognizes Jesus to be who he is, obviously the human realm does to. The torment begins with denial, and it does not end, even with physical death, unless one becomes saved. The released man found peace in knowing Jesus. However, simply knowing who Jesus is does not assure salvation, but knowing him personally does.

Are we a Christian simply because we recognize Jesus to be the Son of God? Even the enemy knows that! Believers must not only acknowledge the truth that Jesus is who He IS, we must live accordingly and have a active, living relationship with Him. We must seek the Holy Spirit, and our relationship must be personal; lest he say "...I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." (Matthew 7:23 kjv).

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