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// TATTOOS ON GIRLS A NO For Modeling Agencies Worldwide (Milan, Paris, New York, Chicago)* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

What do successful modeling agencies look for in girls / women? NOT TATTOOS!

In the so called world of "modeling" and the modeling agencies that promote such, for the most part, the depiction of girls and women is not done in the manner that they deserve, let alone in a beautiful way. The make up, the clothes, the hair and so called "glamour" that they come up with is about 70% ugly, some of it is down right evil.

However, these modeling agencies are the places that people and companies contact when they want girls / women to pose for their products, clothes, lingerie, hair styles, ads, etc...

After searching (9.24.2013) the websites of many major modeling agencies AROUND THE WORLD (Paris, Milan, New York, Chicago, ETC), and seeing countless photos of countless girls showcased: it was amazing to be able to note that in complete contradiction to the new age tattoo movement, 99.9% of the girls / women / photos had no trace of tattoos depicted.

+In summary, as godless as the world of popular "modeling" is.... to them.... TATTOOS ON GIRLS IS NOT WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE! So, what does a modeling agency look for in Girls and Women?
They agree:

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