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// List of Serious DISEASES Associated With Getting Tattoos (Tattooing)* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

The MAYO CLINIC as well as many other sources are warning that Getting a tattoo (especially multiple tattoos) may cause serious diseases: Skin infections, granulomas bumps, keloids scar tissue, bloodborne diseases, tetanus, hepatitis B, C (source), allergic reactions to cadmium, mercury or other substances (source), acute inflammatory allergic reactions, photosensitivity, dermatitis, lichenoid allergic reaction, pseudolymphomatous allergic reaction (source), MRI complications, dermal conditions, delayed reactions, haematoma, burden on lymphatic system, melanoma diagnosis interferance, blood thinner effects, infection (source).

{Are tattoos dangerous? Are There any risks in getting a tattoo? Can someone get a disease from tattooing? Are tattoos harmful?}

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