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THIS IS A COMPLEX ARTICLE, but it's full of real truth that is so unknown by most, that it's practically secret knowledge: Prior to becoming a saved Christian, a person thinks, acts and lives however they see fit. They make their own choices, they fulfill their own will. Building their life apart from God's laws, ways and plans causes them to create what are called soul ties (between them and other people, things), strong holds (the enemy builds upon them) and pathways (training in the brain).

"Pathways" are ways of thinking and responding to situations and life itself. Years and years of processing specific types of information, in specific ways has trained the brain. A vast majority of this training has been false propaganda from the devil.

Examples of false propaganda that builds soul-ties and strong-holds and pathway traumas:
+ general filthy movies, sex comedies, etc (traumatize, desensitize and falsely train the brain with a vast variety of wickedness)
+ horror movies (traumatize, desensitize and falsely train the brain with murder, horror)
+ pornography (traumatize, desensitize and falsely train the brain with sexual sin, fornication, adultery, whoredom, rape, multi person abominations)
+ filthy music (traumatize, desensitize and falsely train the brain with blasphemy, profanity, filthy sexual content, etc)
+ general secular culture media magazines, tv shows, movies (traumatize, desensitize and falsely train the brain with a vast variety of wickedness)
+ non-Christian religious media, functions (traumatize, desensitize and falsely train the brain with anti-Christ, anti-Truth, anti-God doctrines)

In fact, music and movies are of the most effective forms of brain training. Music itself is the universal language. No matter what language someone speaks, no matter what type of life they have, everyone responds to music somehow. People can tell if a song be sad or happy, etc... We listen to music over and over and over again until we know every sound. Thus, we have trained our brains on it. If it's got wickedness in it, we have learned the wickedness. The devil is brain washing people with evil music every second of the day and night somewhere. In fact, there is evil music that glorifies hell and damnation, while being disguised as "Christian", found at your local "Christian" music store.

After receiving salvation (the glorious gift of being granted entrance into Heaven, and a future saved from hell), a new Christian is put to the test. Is their salvation legitimate? Have they truly indeed made the sin exchange with Jesus Christ? Will their life be forever changed? Those who have truly received salvation will never be the same again. They begin to go around their house and throw out things such as pornography, horror movies, filthy music, blasphemous books, etc...

The next step is learning Gods laws, ways and rules for living. This comes from learning the word of God, found in the Holy Bible. * Now I feel compelled to take this opportunity to mention that you get the accurate scripture to English translations if you are reading the King James Version Bible, which is based upon what is called the "Textus Receptus". If you are reading something else, such as the NIV: New International Version, you get a end times corrupted "translation".

POST SALVATION: With Jesus Christ's help, the strong holds and soul ties are broken off. (Get the inexpensive workbook called: "The Steps To Freedom In Christ", written by Neil T. Anderson for help learning how to break these things off of your life).

Now comes the "pathway PROBLEM".
The Christian goes on about their life living free in Christ. Suddenly, they have a horrible, blasphemous, abominable, wicked or somehow sinful thought come into their head about someone or something.
What was that? Why did I think that? The answer is, either the presence of an enemy has come around and tried to lie, and put the thought into their head, or it's from previous false training that the enemy set up prior to their salvation. A "pathway". * Please note that pathways can also created by traumatic events that are not related to enemy training, such as accidents.

Some saved Christians cannot understand why they are having bad thoughts, blasphemous thoughts, wicked thoughts, sexual abomination thoughts coming into their head, even though they have been working with Jesus Christ to over come the world. It's horribly complex, yet it's such a simple understanding. The brain fires nerves, stimulus, etc... Memories pop up, and pathways are followed. If a saved Christian suddenly has a "horror" thought in their head, well... Did they use to watch horror movies before they got saved? The devils false training propaganda created traumas, and pathways in the brain. These pathways can even mix with current thoughts, and appear to be brand new as if having nothing to do with a old horror movie memory. If a saved Christian suddenly has a abomination "sex" thought come into their head, well.... Did they use to watch pornography? Did they use to commit or join in sexual sin? If a saved Christian suddenly has blasphemous thoughts about the Lord Jesus that they love so much, well... Did they use to watch blasphemous movies? Did they listen to blasphemous music? Did they use to blasphemy? Their pathways are firing, and they have false training coming up. It's like memories, only they can incorporate themselves quickly into a current situation as if they are new thoughts.

Unfortunately the enemy is able to use this against saved Christians. He will try to use it to deceive and lie even more... "If you were a saved Christian, you would not be having evil thoughts in your head" and other lies. Well, the enemy is the author of lies and he was the one who messed up some ones brain in order to have evil thoughts.

The Bible deals with this.

Christians are taught to be... "Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;" (2 Corinthians 10:5 KJV). ALL Christians must know the Bible truth about who they are in Christ, and how they are commanded to be living as a Christian. Jesus warns about this with his parable about the difference between someone whose house is founded on the rock VS. someone whose house is founded on nothing.... then the storm comes.

If evil thoughts come into our heads, we are to bring them into obedience of Christ. This means, if blasphemy thoughts comes into our mind, we cast it down and re-affirm the Biblical TRUTH about God. If lust sin thoughts come into our mind, we cast it down and affirm the Biblical truth about sexual sin. If temptation thoughts to do evil come into our mind, we cast it down and affirm the truth of God's Biblical laws and rules. Take every thought into obedience to Christ. Of course you need to know Jesus Christ (be a saved Christian), and the Biblical truth about his laws, ways and rules in order to do this. If someone is not a saved Christian, then they will have absolutely no power or authority over the enemy, or his lying ways.

If you are a saved Christian, and you are suffering with sinful thoughts that come into your mind. Please do not despair. Jesus Christ can help expose the reasons why, and help you to know how to deal with the situation. Do not let the enemy deceive you into thinking other lies, such as that you are a bad person, or evil, or something like this. Remember, the enemy even tried to deceive Jesus Christ with lies. Christians also need to find out about Chemical Spiritual Warfare, which means that there are chemical products that cause evil thinking. We have some Christian prayers about thoughts available for help, please consider reading them / praying them outloud or simply in your heart.

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