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God so Loved the world...
He gave His only begotten Son.
As we approach this Christmas time, let us remember the greatest gift ever given: the very son of God, the Almighty, came to this earth for us.

He died that we may live.

He embraced our very humanity that He would know us, and would be able to take every sin of mankind upon Himself in order that we may live. Yes, we have repeatedly heard these truths, but what do they mean to you? Imagine a tiny, helpless baby born into an empty world that hated Him (and continues to do so)...that we be delivered from the evil...into a heavenly realm! Imagine the holy angels in the sky, proclaiming the gospel of deliverance! The Holy One has been born! How glorious a sound, the angels singing! How wondrous a night, beyond our imagining! O Holy Night! Can we pause to imagine it? To hold the very babe in our arms; the Holy One who will embrace who we are, sins and all? To love us beyond our imagining and take us to the Holy of Holies through His precious blood? Praise be to Thee, Lord Christ! Thank You! Thank You, Jesus!
Let us not forget...let us live in remembrance.

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