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This article is not trying to say that women cant wear pants, or that they cant wear this or that - or that they have to do this or that with their looks and styles. Whatever. But we know that many women and girls are doing the following internet searches: "wear leggings", "how to wear leggings as pants", "leggings look", "leggings fashion", "leggings and boots", leggings are not pants, "legins", "jeggins" etc...
Ask yourself: what types of reactions are you trying to inspire from those around you? Who are you trying to associate with? What type of classification do you want for yourself?

In the good old days, women dressed beautiful, dignified, respectful and glamorous. They sanctified and guarded their sexual purity and virginity as a treasure and gift from God, to bestow upon only one man: their future husband.

All of this inspired all of society (the men, other women and the children) to want to cherish and treasure these women. Little girls wanted to grow up a proper respectable lady. A man wanted to find his own beautiful virgin, who he could love and respect, and claim ownership over her as his girl and his alone: in Holy Marriage for life, as God Almighty intended it.. (Matthew 19:4-6 = Jesus defines sexuality and marriage.)

When I attended High School, some of the girls were starting to wear as everyday pants - the tight black pants that look like a second layer of skin. These pants were not the same as the new leggings look however, which has taken the tight and thin exposing look to a almost unbelievable level. The guys had their own name for these pants, they called them "F**K Me Pants". This title meant that girls who were wearing them, showing off their bodies in such a way, must mean that they are desperate for a guy to get a hold of them and you know what... Do you think guys had any form of respect for these girls? Do you think that they felt that these girls were to be treasured as valuable?

"Leggings as pants", and all the other CHEAP styles that girls are wearing now, are disintegrating society respect for women. These women are viewed as cheap, slutty, whores. A "whore" is defined as "a woman who engages in promiscuous sex" "especially having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis." How can a man, other women, or society itself, even the godless society of today, respect a woman who is a whore? A whore is considered a woman who is to lust after, use and abuse as a sex toy, then get rid of and find a new whore.

Perhaps the woman / girl who is wearing the "leggings" or "legins" is not a whore at all - but why would she want to look the same as those who are?

What type of man does a woman / girl want to get: a GOOD MAN or a BAD ONE? A Godly man or an evil man? A man who will respect, treasure and love her or one who will lust after her and use and abuse her?

But the sad and shocking reality is, a large percentage of girls and women are living life in such a manner. They are whores. And because of internet pornography and society sexual deviation acceptance, the 21st century sex movement is going to destroy and condemn to HELL more souls than any other time in history. It's time to repent and be freed from this.

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