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Websites, news articles, twitter, facebook, wordpress, all over the whole world - contained in the internet, people are in full force assault to mock, harass, condemn, criticize, intimidate Christians and their Biblical beliefs (the beliefs, ways and laws of GOD ALMIGHTY).

What the world wants is for Christians to shut up and be manipulated through fear becoming pushovers, or giving up on faith. THE TIME IS NOT TO BE PUSHED DOWN, THE TIME IS TO STAND UP FOR BIBLICAL TRUTH!

Publish comments, publish responses, publish articles..... Use your own twitter, facebook, accounts to link to Christian articles that preach truth around the web. CONSIDER LINKING TO THIS ARTICLE.

DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE OPINION OF MAN? OR THE OPINION OF THE GOD WHO PURCHASED YOU WITH HIS LIFE AND DEATH ON THE CROSS? Stand up for him and his ways. Back up your Christian brethren when they are harassed on the internet. Publish comments and justify truth!

If the evil is allowed to run their lying mouths left and right, mocking, condemning and harassing all that is good and Holy in this world - under the "freedom of speech" law, then Christians should be allowed to preach what is truth, what is right, what is good, what is Holy!

Here's how it works:
1. You see an article, video, post, etc.. that is about something wrong, blasphemous, sick, wicked, etc..
2. Publish a comment response about why it is wrong. Use KJV Bible scriptures. Go to Biblegateway.com to get them quick. Tell people what is wrong, and PROUDLY justify your Christian outlook on the issue. If other Christians have stood up for truth, agree! Use your own sites like twitter to link to Christian articles.
3. Put on the "full Armour of God" and know that for every one truth you preach, hundreds if not thousands of lies will retaliate. Ignore it and reject all lies that try to make you afraid, or try to deceive you into thinking as if you didn't know about God or understand his word (for even liars who call themselves "christians" will try to deceive you). Consider publishing a truth comment and don't look back.
4. God will reward you for doing his work. He has promised it. AND other Christians will benefit from knowing there are others out there. They will hopefully respond!

WARNING: If you know the truth, and have been saved by it, and DO NOTHING to fight this End Times war against Christianity - you will most likely be severely punished. Jesus taught this in Matthew 25:14-30 - a parable about "profitable and unprofitable servants". If you know God, why would you not fight on his behalf? THE TIME IS TO STAND UP AND BE STRONG, PROUD TO BE CHRISTIAN!

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{We} Must teach #truth freely @worldwide; and we know Truth 650 is #effective > when linked @facebook, ETC... Help us work & share truth simply by linking it.

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