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This Easter and every Easter, we celebrate what Jesus Christ did.

He took sins upon him, and gave his life - he was put to death on the cross as payment for the sins of the world. Jesus told some of the original church what was going to happen while the wicked put him to death, but hardly anyone knew or understood at the time what was also happening in the spiritual realm. It was a supernatural event that God ordained. As good as we could possibly understand it, it's really beyond human comprehension.

The timing of when this happened is extremely significant in Christianity. Jesus was put to death on Friday. Right before he died he said: "It is finished" (John 19:30), meaning that he has finished his work... on Friday. Sunday he raised himself out of the dead, back to life. HIS RESURRECTION (being the only one who came back from the dead by his own power) AGAIN PROVES HIMSELF TO BE GOD, BUT THE TIMING IN WHICH THIS HAPPENED.....

Now think about this... In the beginning (documented in the Holy Bible book of Genesis), the Father God (the Great "I AM" as he called himself) created the heavens and the Earth. He created the oceans, mountains and lands. He created the animals and he created man and woman. He did this during the week, and on the seventh day, when he FINISHED HIS WORK, he rested.

Jewish and other historical tradition show that the SEVENTH day of the week is SATURDAY. To help understand: look at a calendar: Sunday is not listed as the seventh day of the week, it's listed as the first day of the week. Surprisingly most people don't even notice that.

God the Father finished his work and he rested on Saturday. He then COMMANDED about it, and we are not talking about the various points of the Jewish Old Testament law, we are talking about the TEN COMMANDMENTS of Almighty God that were established as rule for all existence, for all time. One of those is to honor the Sabbath day and to rest - that is to rest on Saturday.

It is a huge mistake, and a huge loss if people do not comprehend the powerful reality that Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath immediately following his death. He finished his work on Friday, and on Saturday he rested from his work. He did not raise himself back to life on Saturday. He raised himself back to life on Sunday because on Saturday he honored the Sabbath. He did this because it was an ultimate definitive way to prove himself to be God (the God of the old testament) and ONE with the father God by doing the same thing that the father God did, when he finished his work on Friday, and then resting on Saturday. Jesus wasn't only honoring the Sabbath, he was also following in the footsteps of his father in Heaven who he is ONE with. The trinity Godhead (FATHER, SON [JESUS] and HOLY GHOST).

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