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In the background of this movie trailer (embedded below) for the 2014 movie "Guardians of the Galaxy", you will hear "Spirit In The Sky", a 1969 song that is very famous. The lyrics say: "Prepare yourself you know it's a must, Gotta have a friend in Jesus, So you know that when you die, He's gonna recommend you, To the spirit in the sky." Sounds Christian? The original author says he is not a Christian[1], and this song has a long standing history of being used by many to sarcastically MOCK CHRISTIANITY. The Guardians Of The Galaxy movie is perpetuating this as their use of this song has a specific anti-Christian agenda that most people will be clueless about.

"Guardians of the Galaxy", was played off as an exciting adventure where "STAR-LORD" and other so called "heroes" work together to save from "evil". It's meant at times to be a comedy, and happy hippie feelings music for the parents. But this trailer is more than just a promo for this particular movie. It's also a perfect example representing a fulfillment of important End Times prophecies right under people's noses.

Pray for protection before you watch this trash.

Youtube allows for the embedding of this video to view here:

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." (Mathew 24:24 KJV).

People have always interpreted that Mathew 24:24 meant there was going to be the work of the enemy in a manner where someone (like a religious preacher or political leader) comes and performs false miracles, seducing tactics and deceives people into following evil. But it is also happening in a way that has never been possible before, and it's vastly being accepted by just about everyone, including those who claim to be "friends of Jesus".

Computer graphics in popular culture
IS FULFILLING END TIMES PROPHECY of the performance of lying signs and wonders, anything can happen - insomuch that it could possibly deceive the very elect.

Pause the trailer on 1:24:

What is shown is one of the characters mesmerizing the others with his majestic powers... What is really being seen at this pause in the picture @1:24, is the fulfillment of Matthew 24:24 - a demonic character in a hellish background who is performing lying false signs and wonders (it's all computer fake), while the background music is being used for subliminal brainwashing - proclaiming "Why I lay me down to die, going up to the Spirit in the sky". They want to mess with brains and make the mind think this garbage is the spirit in the sky you should go to when you die...

Pause the trailer on 0:28:

"STAR-LORD" is the name of the main character of this movie, the guy who is supposedly going to save from evil. They call him lord, and what is shown in 0:28 is the wound in his hand, a fulfillment of Mathew 24:24.

The evil, the darkness, the use of the sarcastically Christian themed song, the false powers, the "lord" who will rescue people from evil, who has a wound in his palm...

It all adds up to sick BLASPHEMY! Blatantly anti-Christ, blatantly anti-Christian, a complete mockery of Jesus Christ and Christianity!

This film will subliminally & psychologically traumatize people with evil, causing post traumatic disorder, while working to counteract and replace the Lord Jesus Christ with a false-christ named "STAR-LORD".

This is the "Matthew 24:24" End Times prophecy fulfilled in a way that any other time periods throughout history could not have contemplated. If they were to have shown this to people only a few decades ago, they would not have been able to cope with it.

Jesus Christ, who knows all and sees all, knew that this kind of filth would come, and he foretold it with his power, just like he foretold so many other End Times prophecies that have already come to pass as truth in these last days. He is powerful, he is Holy, he is the only way to God and the only one that can give Salvation.

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