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Lord Jesus,
I come to you today in prayer.

I'm asking for help with my faith,
because there are so many problems and fears and "what if" issues.

Help me as I remind myself that I know who you are!
I know you are Lord Jesus!
I know what you have done!
I know you will come back!

Remind me that the human brain is a work device,
and though we process information with it,
it's in the heart and soul that we really know the truth about you and your love.

Remind me that there is a war going on,
and that it's after every single Christian - to try and deceive them into giving up on the truth.
With your help Jesus,
I will never give up,
I will never give in,
I will never be changed away from the truth that you have given me with your love and your Holy word.

Increase my faith Jesus,
for I know you.
Increase my faith Jesus,
for I trust in you.
Increase my faith God,
for I need you.

I choose to believe right now,
that I'm a Christian,

and therefore temptation and testing shall NOT throw me off the right path, because through Jesus Christ who won this war,
I have also won this war!

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