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Take a drive in your American neighborhoods on Sunday morning, and see the Christian churches with their parking lots full, perhaps overflowing with cars parked all around the street. This represents people who are trying to find God, who are trying to live right. They may not be perfect, but they have acknowledged who God is, and they are making a stand and a claim to the truth. These people are making a positive difference in this country, in this whole world, constantly every day and night. Good has not given up, nor has it dissapeared or been rooted out.

This country is full of respectable people who are not depicted in freak news articles, and are not running their pathetic mouths and airing their dirty laundry through social media. The good, decent, normal person is not interesting to the worldly news or media, there is no story there, you do not hear about it.

“This man is a Biblical Christian, he follows Gods word. His family is being raised as Christians, and they study the Holy Bible together. His children are proudly saving their virginity for true Biblical marriage. The Lord has performed many signs and wonders in their family.”

This is not what the godless world is interested in. This is not what they promote. They primarily only promote and publish what will scare you, mess with your head and mess with your faith. That is their goal, to make you think that the trash they are spreading actually represents the whole of the population. Don’t believe the world, believe in God.

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