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Jesus Christ (GOD) is....

Expert. Accomplished. Proficient. Thorough. Complete. Utter. Correct. Accurate. Ideal. Impeccable. Splendid. Superb. Absolute. Excelling. Faultless. Immaculate. Matchless. Supreme. Unequaled. Divine. Hallowed. Revered. Clean. Innocent. Moral. Upright. Angelic. Blessed. Sacred. Sanctified. Chaste. Virgin. Consecrated. Dedicated. Devoted. Devout. Faithful. Sincere. Earnest. Zealous. Godly. Just. Reverent. Saintly. Sanctified. Spotless. Undefiled. Unworldly. Virtuous. Amiable. Attentive. Caring. Considerate. Generous. Loyal. Passionate. Valuable. Crucial. Essential. Favorable. Important. Prominent. Practical. Profitable. Sympathetic. Effectual. Defensive. Jealous. Vigilant. Watchful. Observant. Quick. Conservational. Conservative. Guardian. Sheltering. Compelling. Dominant. Forceful. Impressive. Influential. Potent. Vigorous. Strong. Commanding. Convincing. Forcible. Omnipotent. Paramount. Prevailing. Superior. Ruling. Sturdy. Courageous. Supreme. Insightful. Perceptive. Knowing. Brilliant. Clever. Pitying. Sparing. Merciful. Understanding. Forbearing. Sympathetic. Merciful. Charitable. Responsive. Enraged. Furious. Impassioned. Offended. Displeased. Fierce. Provoked. Raging. Wrathful. Avenging. Authentic. Genuine. Definite. Exact. Factual. Solid. Strict. True. Concrete. Defined. Faithful. Just. Literal. Dependable. Ethical. Honest. Principled. Realistic. Responsible. Sensible. Straight. Valid. Dignified. Distinguished. Esteemed. Recognized. Revered. Venerated. Eminent. Noble. Reputable. Effective. Functioning. Restless. Natural. Normal. Flawless.

280+Words To Describe Jesus Christ.

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