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// PRAYER 671: Dear God, Please Consider The Children* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Lord Jesus,
I'm so concerned about the future of this world.
So many children are being born to and subject to evil wicked people.
There is nothing that I can do to stop this situation.
There is nothing I can do to rescue them.
There is nothing I can do to protect them.
There is nothing I can do to deliver them.
I call out to you,
begging you to continue to intervene day and night,
night and day.
I call out to you asking that you continue to rescue and heal and protect and intervene.
By all means I beg you to continue to destroy evil.

Oh Lord,
how will these children find you,
or learn the difference between right and wrong?

Have mercy oh Lord,
and consider the children.
Please save as many as you can.

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