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"Our family cannot eat pizza out. It's loaded with MSG, other problematic ingredients, bad processing, employee contamination, wood pulp and many other problems, as "Food Babe" has pointed out to us. However there is a pizza place that is next door to a health food store we shop at. The "smell of pizza" is so strong in the parking lot that we get so very hungry for it, our mouths water and we can hardly resist it. What is going on?"

Sadly what you are experiencing is a war of brainwashing mind control that every American is facing - but most are loosing. What you are smelling in the parking lot is a designer "fragrance", which contains excitotoxins and neurotoxins - chemicals that are dangerous to the human body, and legally kept secret and untested for safety due to "incidental additives", and "fragrance secrecy" law loopholes. The restaurant is actually pumping their "fragrance" out into the air through one or more locations, such as the roof. When you breath it in, it goes into your blood stream, into your brain, it manipulates your thoughts into thinking that you want it and you want it NOW! "I'm Hungry!". It also goes into your mouth, and literally FORCES your mouth to start watering and your taste buds get inflamed as if you were LUSTING OVER THIS FOOD.

""The food scientists put together a topically applied grilled scent that would melt at 110 degrees and would impart the smell of fresh grilled hamburger and the smell of fresh cooked french fries," Barum recounts. "Then we took it further and we implanted scent machines in shrubbery . . . that had infrared triggers, so when you walked by it dispersed the fragrance, which immediately sent your taste buds crazy and you started looking for that cotton candy, for that popcorn, or for that caramel apple or whatever it was."... "...Hotels also piped scents into the elevator shafts. "In the morning there would be the smell of fresh bacon and pastries, at noon it would be switched to turkey, and at dinner it would be something else."" - Cleveland.com

The health effects due to exposure to these "fragrances", (especially ones that people are wearing: perfume, cologne, lotions, soaps, dryer sheets, etc) are becoming more and more relevant as America is becoming a nation of sick. And it's not just lust over food, as we have recently published: COMMON CHEMICALS Part To Blame For MODERN SEXUAL PERVERSION & PORN ADDICTION.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice from an AMA doctor, it is life changing TRUTH from a Biblical Christian Ministry.

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