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The Holy Bible Gospel books, right before and up to Jesus’ arrest, are re-enacting now in these end times. We are at a tipping point, where the war on Christianity is about to go into full effect, and Jesus Christ is about to be arrested all over again. The plot and stage is set, the preparations are under way, and there are some who are suppose to be “Christians”, who are doing the same thing that Judas did - the devil has entered into them and they are now betraying Jesus with a kiss.

Jesus says “Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?” (Luke 22:48 KJV).

In comparison to today...
Many who claim to be “Christians”, even those who have high positions such as “priest”, “pastor”, “minister”, etc... are claiming to Love Jesus (giving Jesus a kiss), and yet are working to sabotage Christianity by turning away from Jesus’ own teachings, laws and ways, to follow after the ways of man (betrayal against Christ). Many of them also have money at the root of it, to turn their so called “church” into what the world wants to hear in order to keep a large congregation and money in the plate.

Jesus says: "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" (Luke 6:46 KJV).

"For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God." (John 12:43 KJV).

One of the top ways that Jesus is being betrayed with a kiss today? SEX. Think about it - betrayal with a kiss.

Christians have their identity in Christ, but the world has it’s identity in their sexual behaviors and choices. The social acceptance of what God calls sexual "abomination sins" is an obsession with the world. Man says to do it, and God says not to do it. The Holy Bible is FULL of blatant, direct, powerful messages about God’s original design for sex, marriage, men and women, his very own sex laws, and the punishments he has given (and historical accounts of such) and the punishments he has VOWED coming for those who continue to reject his ways.

And yet we now have people claiming to love Jesus Christ, having positions of authority, and claiming that to show Christ's love; we need to OBEY WHAT MAN SAYS and REJECT WHAT GOD SAYS. And even to incorporate it into Christianity?.... Betraying Jesus with a kiss!

These people who are doing and saying such are LIARS, and they are following in the footsteps of JUDAS! They should be called JUDAS’. They have accepted the mark of the beast, and are ANTI-CHRIST! Take heed and do not follow them! Leave their false churches! Leave their false denominations! Do not be destroyed with them in God’s VENGEANCE WRATH!

HELL is a real place, and is defined by the Holy Biblical Scriptures as:
+ Everlasting Fire (Matthew 25:41)
+ Lake Of Fire (Revelation 20:14)
+ Second Death - indicating what happens after physical death (Revelation 20:14)
+ Torment with Fire and Brimstone (Revelation 14:10)
+ Stench of Burning Sulphur (Revelation 14:10)
+ Continual Torment Smoke (Revelation 14:11)
+ No Rest Day Or Night (Revelation 14:11)
+ Worms That Do Not Die - indicating continual flesh eating (Mark 9:44)
+ Fire Is NEVER Put Out (Mark 9:44)
+ Furnace Of Fire (Matthew 13:42)
+ Screaming, Growling, Gnashing of Teeth / Grinding Teeth (Matthew 13:42)
+ Not even a drip of cool water on the tongue is allowed (Luke 16:24)
+ No escape (Luke 16:26)

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