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// PRAYER 71: Let Me Feel The Presence Of God #christian #prayer* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Jesus Christ,
my Lord and my God,
fill me with your Holy Spirit.
You said you would give to those who ask,
I ask you now,
Wrap me in thy presence as a warm blanket of power.
Let thy spirit flow over me as a river of love.
Oh Lord,
how awesome and wonderful you are.
You alone are Holy.
You took my sins,
my filth,
and traded me your righteousness,
your holiness,
and now through you alone I am saved.
Let me feel the presence of God,
in my heart like a burning fire.
A fire that destroys evil, and cleanses my existence.
The only love we really need, comes from you.
Let your Holy Spirit empower me to live the Christian life!

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