#INTELLIGENT #DESIGN @logical thinking WHO MADE IT ALL? #truth #creation

Intelligent Design = Intelligent Knowledge. The clear, real thinking of logic and realism---> It was all created by GOD.

#LIFE on Earth requires the effects of the #SUN--> The path the Earth travels is exactly the right distance from the sun at all times throughout the year. If it were any closer, or any further away, life on Earth would not be possible the way it is.

On Earth, all the types of items needed for life are provided...
Air to breathe.
Water to drink.
Fruits to eat.
Plants and herbs for medicine.
Wood to build homes and furniture.
Designs and sights for great beauty and joy.
Man and Woman, the two that join together in marriage to create a family.
Everything needed to sustain life.

And the human body is so complex, that it has the capacity to heal it’self.

Even deep within the blood, are microscopic “friendly” organisms, that have a mind, knowing that they must go around and investigate cells and items to see if they are good or bad within the body.

All of this proves what is known as “intelligent design”. It was all designed by GOD ALMIGHTY--> that is why it works.

That is the #truth.

And God has let us know who he is and what he is all about through generations of prophecy, signs and wonders, and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ who was born at exactly the right time and place. And he did what no other did, and said what no other said. No one ever had #POWER like Jesus Christ, because he is the true religious leader. This is #WHY we all require Jesus Christ...

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