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*Evolution believers should be confronted with the "SHOCKING REALITY CHECK" below.....

You know that “evolution” graphic they show us, where in stages, the ape turns into a human man ---> it's a LIE. A big lie created to deceive people into rejecting God. Sadly, apparently some (younger) “evolutionists” believe that ape turned into man quickly as depicted. The more “intelligent” ones, like those inappropriately given charge over college classes claim that it happened over a long period of time, “millions of years” as some state it.

Even though “evolution” and the concept of “change of kinds” cannot be proven (watch the Ray Comfort film “Evolution VS God”) –> their claims sum up to that everything evolved and changed and then stopped, long before anyone was able to document or see it happening. If they could only find the “missing link” –> the “in-between” where ape is still part ape, but turning into man.

There is not one example. There is no missing link. There have been frauds, fakes, and NO --> “Lucy” is not the missing link. Even the scientist who studied it for 15 years has stated “THEY ARE JUST APES”.

One example, or "the missing link" would not be enough.... In order for the “evolutionists” theory to work—> as depicted in the standard ape to man graphic----> that would mean there would have to be unique reproducing ape-man families that would have existed DURING EACH of the evolution STAGES --> again, reproducing their kind, during each of the steps between ape and man, .... all over the world. So instead of scientists searching for 1 (one) single example of the “missing link”, how about thousands of examples that would exist. Entire towns or cultures during a particular stage of the transformation. And those delusional ape-people would have made their mark on history.

They do not exist, because an ape is an animal, and a man is a human being.

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." (Genesis 1:27 KJV).

Proof in “intelligent design”--> God creating microscopic cells within the human blood that have their own minds--> somehow, knowing that they must search and investigate whether items in the blood be good or bad, and if bad, to fight them. That is the work of God. That is not evolution. And for countless generations, thousands of years, traced all the way back to the first humans who God created (Adam and Eve) –> God has been revealing himself to people, telling them (prophecy) he would do things as signs to prove himself. Then the sign would happen, proving his power. The people who had these interactions with God documented them. Then eventually came Gods prophecy revelation of his coming Son Jesus Christ, who would save the world from their sins.

Jesus Christ, at the perfect time and place, arrived and fulfilled the many prophecies of the coming savior. He did what no other did. He said what no other said. He had power that no one ever had, such as walking on water and raising the dead, calming storms and healing sickness instantly in front of many witnesses. When the Romans were ordered to put him to death, they did it. He was dead. They guarded his tomb to make sure no one could get to his body. And he then brought himself back to life with his own power (the only one in history to do this) –> proving his power over life and death. He then visited with many people for 40 more days before rising into Heaven from the ground up in front of over 500 witnesses who shared their testimony. This is historical fact, and in the Holy Land of Israel / Jerusalem - they know where these events took place, and tours can take you there! Jesus gave us end times prophecies that no one else could have known, such as that his Gospel would be preached to the whole wide world. *Take note that at the time and to the people he was telling this, they did not even know of the existence of the Americas. It took a long time, but this prophecy is fulfilled. All of His prophecies are now coming to pass. This is why we all require Jesus Christ.

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