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People should not want to be deceived into this #trash. It is a satanic film, which will warp and psychologically traumatize the minds of it's viewers, and make them in danger of loosing their very souls. We are not over-reacting...
+Mockery of Christianity
+False "christs"
+Depicting "power" to false religious characters that in real life have no power
+Brainwashing with satanic spiritual propaganda (logos, messages, names, satements)
+Encouraging magnification against Christ
+De-sensitizing to evil

Is it worth risking your soul to pay your money and log-in your brain into this #trash?

YES, HELL IS REAL. It's a DAMNATION Prepared as a Punishment For SINS, and is defined by the Holy Bible Scriptures As:
+ Everlasting Fire (Matthew 25:41)
+ Lake Of Fire (Revelation 20:14)
+ Second Death - indicating what happens after physical death (Revelation 20:14)
+ Torment with Fire and Brimstone (Revelation 14:10)
+ Stench of Burning Sulphur (Revelation 14:10)
+ Continual Torment Smoke (Revelation 14:11)
+ No Rest Day Or Night (Revelation 14:11)
+ Worms That Do Not Die - indicating continual flesh eating (Mark 9:44)
+ Fire Is NEVER Put Out (Mark 9:44)
+ Furnace Of Fire (Matthew 13:42)
+ Screaming, Growling, Gnashing of Teeth / Grinding Teeth (Matthew 13:42)
+ Not even a drip of cool water on the tongue is allowed (Luke 16:24)
+ No escape (Luke 16:26)

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