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I use to write the letters P V N X on each of my four fingers, just under the knuckles (as have many since the 1980's). I thought it was cool, like tattooing.

I used a thick, black, permanent marker. It made me ill. My body could not stand the ink chemicals, and it contributed to anxiety disorder, panic, nausea, headaches and other issues. I was totally IGNORANT about MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and chemical facts.

Now think about permanent ink chemicals tattooed into the human flesh. The beautiful flesh designed by the Holy God, after his own image –> defiled with vandalism repugnantly called “art”, a tradition started by paganism (something the Holy God gave his life on the cross to deliver people from).

The human body was never intended to hold ink chemicals inside it. These chemicals are not only causing physical, mental and emotional issues, but that they most likely contain INTENDED addictive properties, which would explain why so many have become addicted to tattooing.

It is not a coincident that a alarming majority of the people who are having the strongest problems in these troubled times are also bearing tattoos. We have also identified at least 12 MAJOR ways that tattooing mocks God.

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