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// BY WHAT AUTHORITY? Mark 11:27 #ministry #ordain #preaching* 1K+ ↓↓   ↓

Jesus asked this question as a response to those questioning him (Mark 11:27-23).

The chief scribes, priests, and elders could not tell, but they sensed their own rebellion, so they were afraid to answer. They did not believe Jesus had “authority”; even with miraculous evidence of divine authority; their hardened hearts and minds prevented belief.

Do you question authority from God? Do you question whether a minister of the true Gospel has authority over you (or anything else; especially the truth)? On the other hand, are you accepting the “doctrines of men” simply because they have “authority” (credentials) granted by an institution?

In our day and age, we are questioning authority.

Even the word of God has been tampered with. No other time has demanded that our authority (truth) come from God Almighty.

Therefore, pray and invite the Holy Ghost into your heart and mind to teach you the truth and guide you in it. Read the Word (sound doctrine is found in the KJV Holy Bible) and ask God to help you to understand it.

Find a minister of the TRUE gospel. Trust in Jesus Christ who is as alive and real as always: “even unto the end...” which is the beginning as well!
Praise be to Thee, Lord Christ! Amen.

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