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// PRAYER 739: @EASTER > Thank Jesus Christ On That Cross Of Salvation #easter #christian* 2K+ ↓↓   ↓

Lord Jesus Christ,
thank you for what you have done.
Thank you for being our Salvation.
Thank you for taking my sins to that cross,
and dying for them.
Thank you for then proving your power,
by being the only one to ever bring themself back to life.
You alone Jesus,
are the reason for Easter.
You are the King,
and I your servant.
Praise be the Holy Lord God,
who will dry all tears,
who will heal our wounds,
who will comfort our souls
who will fix our minds,
who will reclaim this Earth.

Come back to us Lord Jesus,
and destroy our enemies.
Be a true and righteous judge,
and condemn the wicked.
Holiness is yours,
and so is revenge.

Strengthen us with patience,
knowing that you are also suffering the wait,
that as many as possible should be saved,
before it is too late.

I love you Jesus Christ,
thank you for all you have done,

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