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// PRAYER 74: See Not The Sins Of My Life #faith #christian* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

My Lord, My God.
See not the sins of my life,
but see the blood of the lamb Jesus Christ.
His perfect sinless blood shed for me.
My only hope for salvation.
In place of me, He paid the price for my sins.
Thank you for this redemption!
Words cannot express,
no mind can comprehend,
the full understanding of what Jesus did for us.
Jesus, thank you for shedding your sinless blood.
Please cover me in it.
Place it over my sins,
my mind,
my body,
my life,
my soul,
my existence,
my home and everything in it.
Oh Lord, bring me to the cross of salvation.
Keep me under the shadow of it always.
Strengthen my hands to hold on to it through this and every storm that comes my way.

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